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    Many terms have lost their meanings. Once these words evoked heated conversations. Debates on solving the worlds problems. Raising issues ignored by the population as it goes about its daily life.  Today, when the words ACTIVIST, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSIVITY are used, I shrug. For me, they get lost in the modern translation. Diluted!  The have been hijacked.  […]

  • Episode 1 How Much?

    Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with the opposite sex.  I had to assume their was a high return on investment.  No  wonder heterosexual men wear cheap shoes!   Sponsored by Beyerdynamic

  • Shaving Cream What?

    Shaving Cream What? An ordinary trip to buy shaving cream turned into a journey of admiration, passion, male bonding, and disillusionment.  Standing in front of the selection for creams I narrowed down my choices: L’Oreal or Nivea.  While I was making my final decision a tall, handsome guy stood walked up to condom display wall […]