Shaving Cream What?

Shaving Cream What?

An ordinary trip to buy shaving cream turned into a journey of admiration, passion, male bonding, and disillusionment.  Standing in front of the selection for creams I narrowed down my choices: L’Oreal or Nivea.  While I was making my final decision a tall, handsome guy stood walked up to condom display wall next to the men’s grooming section. His decision was more interesting than mine.  My attention turned to his face as he was studying the different boxes.  All of the sudden the shaving cream was less interesting.   What was he going to choose?
His left hand reached for the regular size box of condoms but then moved to the box marked “KING SIZE”.  My respect and admiration along with my curiosity levels were turned on.  He took the box latter box off the store peg then walked away. My thoughts were running. Safe Sex is still important.  Size!  Measurements!  When was he going to use them? Cell phone number!  What is his definition of King Size?

I continued to look over the cans of shaving cream.  Suddenly, in a split two seconds, the guy was back, he quickly took the normal size box of condoms then walked away.  I wanted to say” FAKE” but held it.

I was crushed. My emotions were played.  I easily fell for a misrepresentation of physical manhood packaged in box.  I judged a person a marked box and a sexual fantasy.   How could this have happened? I felt used, liked the second choice during closing time at a cheap bar.  The experience left me shaken.

I did not buy the shaving cream.