Why the Fuss?

Senegalese-French filmmaker Maimouna Doucoure unwittingly stepped in the middle of the American Culture Wars.  Her small film has gotten a lot of attention.  “Cuties” is the story of a girl from a poor Paris neighbourhood trying to find her way in life.  

Ignore the Outrage! 

According to some, it promotes Child Sexuality. On social media many  are calling for canceling Netflix.  The streaming giant acquired the production earlier this year.   Senator Ted Cruz wants the company investigated calling the film “disgusting”.  Why the Fuss? Has the film become the latest victim of  “Outrage”? 

I chatted with Chat Cinema Contributor Kristin about the controversy.  Kristin thinks people should see the film before condemning it.  “After the Berlinale screening we discussed “Cuties“, she says.  The overall opinions,  “We liked it”.  “Admittedly, it is not a great film, but enjoyable”. 

Cuties” is available on Netflix. 

Kristinloves going to the movies.