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  • On Brett Johnson Part 2

    In the second part of the Before Tacky Podcast, we speak to luxury menswear designer Brett Johnson from Milan about his style influences. Check out part one of the interview with Brett.

  • Fast Fashion Part 2

    Part 2 of the Before Tacky Podcast talks about Fast Fashion and buyers behaviours. What do consumers want? Is “buying better” a trend or only a social media slogan? The panel goes in depth on the subject. Click below to view the latest episode.

  • Before Tacky on MFW 2

    The Before Tacky contributors discuss Milan Fashion Week in the the 2nd part of the show. Click below to watch the episode

  • Chat Cinema talks Revenge

    I screened the short film The Women’s Revenge on the International Film Festival Rotterdam platform. The work packs a punch. Listen to the conversation with Director Su Hui Yu explain his work and influences. Click below:

  • Fendi Couture, Not for Me!

    A lot of hoopla surrounded Kim Jones’s first couture collection for Fendi. Filling the shoes of Karl Lagerfeld is a big order to fill for even the most talented designer. After viewing the star studded runway show in the Covid era virtual platform, I saw a few glimmers of hope mixed with an overdose of […]

  • From Milan With LOVE!

    From Milan With LOVE!

    Black and Paper presents From Milan With Love. An editorial shoot by Flo Marcella Cusi at Fashion Milano with model Gabi Thiam. We had to give support to the city’s fashion scene by doing this fast production showing our favourite brands. All Hat Styles by Borsalino. Jackets and Coats by Mr & Miss Italy. Stay […]

  • Halpern Empowerment

    This collection from Fashion Designer Halpern at the London Fashion Week shows the power of imagination merged with function for style.  Using different materials and shapes each look had the theme of female empowerment.    Women who mattered during these times.  This season the house used front line workers as models.  Fabulous!  Stay tuned for […]

  • Why the Fuss?

    Senegalese-French filmmaker Maimouna Doucoure unwittingly stepped in the middle of the American Culture Wars.  Her small film has gotten a lot of attention.  “Cuties” is the story of a girl from a poor Paris neighbourhood trying to find her way in life.   Ignore the Outrage!  According to some, it promotes Child Sexuality. On social […]

  • Tech August

    As the world stays home these days, being connected is important.  What do I think of these Jabra headphones? Hint: they have become my work horse devices.  This Jabra headset delivers.   Stay Tuned for the review on this device and more. 

  • Tech August-Xiaomi Mi

    A quick first impression of the Xiaomi 10 5G Smartphone.  A high-end feel, sharp screen, lightweight Android power device packing great features.   Stay Tuned for more details.  From the Vodafone Ring Centre and Fonschmiede Berlin.