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  • The Shooting Stars 21

    The Shooting Stars 21

    This year I rejoined the press junket for the European Film Promotion’s European Shooting Stars Program, virtual of course. The initiative serves as a platform to promote and showcase European Talent on the global stage. Since 1998 many famous faces have passed through the door moving on to becoming recognized performers in the entertainment industry. […]

  • Chat Cinema talks Revenge

    I screened the short film The Women’s Revenge on the International Film Festival Rotterdam platform. The work packs a punch. Listen to the conversation with Director Su Hui Yu explain his work and influences. Click below:


    A preview if the short film The Women’s Revenge. Stay tuned for the Chat Cinema podcast from the IFFR.

  • Chat Cinema on Pebbles

    From the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Chat Cinema interviews the creative team of the Award Winning film Pebbles. Director Vinothraq’s story inspires the spirit. Part 1 of 2. Click the link. Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the interview.

  • Only On HBO Max

    The latest move by Warner Bros to release its entire slate on HBO Max sent shock waves through the film business. From Christopher Nolan to Steven Soderbergh weighed in on the move and consequences. For the second time on the subject of steaming, Chat Cinema discusses the fall out and shock. Should cinema goers start […]

  • Why the Fuss?

    Senegalese-French filmmaker Maimouna Doucoure unwittingly stepped in the middle of the American Culture Wars.  Her small film has gotten a lot of attention.  “Cuties” is the story of a girl from a poor Paris neighbourhood trying to find her way in life.   Ignore the Outrage!  According to some, it promotes Child Sexuality. On social […]