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  • On John Galliano back to Dior

    On John Galliano back to Dior

    A snippet from the Before Tacky podcast with filmmaker Kevin Macdonald about fashion designer John Galliano. Rumours have hit the fashion gossip circuit the once former creative head of Dior is set for a return to the famed house. Click below to understand why we think this story feels a bit false.

  • Divinity and Sins

    Divinity and Sins

    Spanish fashion designer Juana Martin themes for this year Paris Fashion Week Couture collection blended the age old conflict of Divinity and Sins. Fruits and fish motifs mixed with lace and gauze for the twenty four looks on the June runway show.

  • A Before Tacky Brief

    Fashion designer Brett Johnson talks about creativity in this Before Tacky Brief. Check out the entire podcast here:

  • A Conversation with Brett

    A Conversation with Brett

    Designer Brett Johnson returns for a conversation on this Before Tacky episode. The Milan luxury fashion head talks about his vision for his label, the quiet luxury trend and the current state of the industry.

  • Talking the Hi & Lo:John Galliano

    Talking the Hi & Lo:John Galliano

    The rise and fall of fashion wonderkid John Galliano was a magical story of success. Championed by industry heavy weights as a visionary, Galliano gave the world frivolity on the runways of Dior. However, under the surface of smiles, showmanship and Champagne toasts lurked an individual coming off the rails. Academy Award winning director Kevin […]

  • Tiggiano’s Local Charm

    From Berlin to Tiggiano, Giacomo Cazzato talks about his charming town on the Adriatic Coast on our travel podcast. In a busy Berlin restaurant the mayor describes what makes this historical beach destination special. Check out the Clipper Inspired Podcast below

  • Fashion at 0331

    Fashion at 0331

    At Milan Fashion Week in the HUB, start-up label 0331 had a display in the new designers section. The Milan creative collectives started the brand with sustainable practices, up-cycling used denim to new forms.

  • Glamor meets Modesty

    Glamor meets Modesty

    During Milan Fashion Week fashion designer Deborah LaTouche spoke about her label SABIRAH. In the MFW HUB the UK based designer discussed the collections modest looks made for a woman seeking glamor. Before Tacky

  • Gallipoli is coming to the Clipper Inspired Podcast

    The Southern Italian city Gallipoli is an upcoming topic of our next Clipper Inspired Podcast.

  • Sneaker Style from Osaka

    Sneaker Style from Osaka

    Brightway from Osaka produces luxurious sneakers made from Japanese leather. The three generation footwear makers have a philosophy: “A Pair to Love Even After 10 Years.” Clic below to watch the Before Tacky podcast interview