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Getting in shape for summer 2017, it is all about eating healthy, 60% diet, and 40% workout.  Incorporating a smoothie diet in a workout and meal regimen is a good basis for solid results while lowering caloric intake while offering safe dosage of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.   If you are going start a Smoothie based diet, the right blender is important, daily use will only cease functioning the motor in 6 months.  Secondly, cheap blenders tend to mix the ingredients poorly.

During IFA 2016, Philips introduced a new blender for the health conscience crowd.   The Innergizer Blender is quite a kitchen appliance, able to breakdown and mix fruits, vegetables, and nuts with a motor speed up to 45000 RPM.  Equipped a silent dome and “quieter operating function” for minimizing noise, for those of you who workout in the morning, this is a blessing for a pre-gym drink without the grating sounds of blender.  Besides being an advanced kitchen device, The Innergizer is compatible with the “Philips Healthy Drinks App” with over 100 smoothie and healthy drink recipes.

At IFA 2016 Black and Paper got a demonstration of the Philips Innergizer Blender.

Note: We have not tested the kitchen appliance.  We thought it was interesting being smoothie enthusiasts.