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  • Bondage and Social

    It had to happen sooner or later. Trying to be relevant at the time being edgy, the silk threads will hit the fan. Balenciaga, the French Fashion House learned the hard way. The Bondage Teddy Doll Toddler campaign crashed the same as if a German Leader singing Beyonce at a karaoke bar. The fall out […]

  • Hard Reality of the New Reality!

    The Coronavirus exposed the raw underbelly of modern society, an existence teetering on a cliff.   This event has forced everyone to look in the mirror.   The online click culture is based on a labor exploitation, not the public relations releases preaching to us about new business models developed by brilliant guys.   Leading […]

  • Black and Paper Lifecast

    Black and Paper Lifecast

    Life is too short to be sooooo POLITICALLY CORRECT!

  • Toodles, Facebook?

    Toodles, Facebook?

    Given the current crisis involving Facebook and CA, Black and Paper has decided to place its Facebook account on hold, no more postings for the moment. Although no laws have been broken, we feel the current level of trust is eroding on the social media platform. Why? It was an open secret about the Data […]

  • A Life of Pictures Part 1

    A Life of Pictures Part 1

    “We Russians are crazy and that is normal.”   This is a quote from my Q&A interview with Russian photographer Vladmir Sichov.  For over 30 years Vlad has covered the world of sports, politics, celebrity, and fashion before retiring. Born in Capital City of Kazan, Tartarstan, 800 km from Moscow, Vlad bought his first camera in […]