Toodles, Facebook?

Given the current crisis involving Facebook and CA, Black and Paper has decided to place its Facebook account on hold, no more postings for the moment. Although no laws have been broken, we feel the current level of trust is eroding on the social media platform. Why? It was an open secret about the Data Collection, a price all paid for using a free website, but Facebook continued to push the line and then crossed it without thinking of the consequences of its actions. Hubris has a funny way of biting the butt, even if you are tech giant with 2 billion followers. Facebook’s fatal mistake, taking its users for granted. Zuckerberg’s disarming “Everyday Joe” gray t-shirt cannot cover the fact his creation has become a bit of the creepy neighbor who leers through the peephole when you leave the apartment. Privacy for this company has become an inconvenience. Facebook has evolved into a neo-surveillance operation or serial stalker, wanting or desiring every detail of your life for the sole purpose of selling the information to the highest bidder.

Will we return to Facebook? We are monitoring the situation. Currently, we are looking at alternative sites, stay tuned.

Mark Zuckerberg is schedule to appear before US Congress regarding the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Affair. The Federal Trade Commision and United Kingdom Authorities have opened investigations concerning its handling of personal data.