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  • Conde Nast does it AGAIN!

    Conde Nast does it AGAIN!

    Yet again, this time around 5% or around 300 people will get pink slips from Conde Nast’s 5,500 employees. As the New York based publishing house takes “death by a 1,000 cuts” road to profitability, I am starting to get the feeling perhaps it is not the patient but the doctors in charge of treatment. […]

  • Fabulous Denial Syndrome

    Being Fabulous! Aspirational living! This is the lifestyle Vogue and other Conde Nast publications put in our faces. That $1500 bag matched with a $900 linen top.  Advice; Pay the rent before heading to Bloomingdales.  Once again the magazines find themselves in the headlines, but for the wrong reason,,AGAIN!  Six years ago Conde Nast debased […]

  • Fashion Mags Relevance

    Before the lockdown many fashion magazines were under pressure.  Are they relevant during an ongoing pandemic?  As consumers face stark choices, the existence of many publications looks uncertain. Editions cut. Titles closed.  Selling bling is out of style.  Check out our video on the matter.


    WHY?  There is no fun in posting the pictures. What was once sharing experiences has turned into narcissism and greed. A digital feel good pill for those desiring “Z Level” fame. Perhaps it is because I had a life and travelled before the platform existed. Showing  “I am living a great fake life” borders on […]

  • Our Anniversary

    Life is Good It has been over one year. We quit Instagram to the chagrin of many. Why? Insanity? Lack of followers? How would we survive in an age when so many believe in oversharing? Many thought this action was insane. Amazing how fast time flies. We are still here and doing ok, Instagram Free.  […]

  • Influencer, HOW?

    Influencer, HOW?

    Trust Issues!  Has the influencer trend come to an end?   Not sure, but change is taking place. Influencer marketing earned 1 billion in 2017 but the shine is beginning to tarnish. Marketing survey firm Bazaarvoice released findings concluding consumers are growing tired of staged posts by paid influencers.  Many of the surveyed responded the quality of […]

  • Why We Don’t Do It!

    Inspired By!

  • Toodles, Facebook?

    Toodles, Facebook?

    Given the current crisis involving Facebook and CA, Black and Paper has decided to place its Facebook account on hold, no more postings for the moment. Although no laws have been broken, we feel the current level of trust is eroding on the social media platform. Why? It was an open secret about the Data […]

  • Not Thirsty!

    Not Thirsty!

    There are some social media platforms that we like. There are some social media platforms we question. As a site for all things creative, inspiring, and wonderful being in a place of thirsty, desperate wannabes employing questionable means is not for us. Taking all of this into consideration, Black and Paper has decided to quit […]