Hard Reality of the New Reality!

The Coronavirus exposed the raw underbelly of modern society, an existence teetering on a cliff.   This event has forced everyone to look in the mirror.  

The online click culture is based on a labor exploitation, not the public relations releases preaching to us about new business models developed by brilliant guys.  

Leading institutions have gone into a default “Batten down the hatches” position. Leaders will not take responsibility for this Global Disaster. Although they knew about the deadly outbreak in December.   

The drive for market access clouded judgement.  Thus, resulting in decisions risking entire populations,  bringing whole economies to a crashing halt. 

The big question, duration of the lockdowns. Where they effective?   What type of society will emerge from these health hazard semi police states?  One thing is certain, Spain and Italy will be scarred.  The jury is out on the US and UK.  

What will society give up in exchange for safety?  Does Democracy have resilience? 

How should the world view China’s Leaders?  By process of elimination, the word ‘trust” is out.  

Why do celebrities carry high value?  Many appear desperate for attention while the world is on fire.   

The Coronavirus continues to up end the world in ways we could not imagine a few months ago.  Everyday the news reads like a bestselling thriller.   Take a deep breath before turning on the screen.