Tag: 2020

  • CHAMPAGNE 2020

    The top Champagne Brand in the world goes to Moet and sister brands, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot, which sold a combined 64.7 million bottles with prices starting at $40 a bottle. Celebrate the New Year with the drink celebrations. Sadly, Champagne sales dropped 23% in 2020 due to closures resulting in 100 million unsold […]

  • 2020 PART 2

    Black and Paper prepares for the second half of 2020. How do we do it? Taking CUES! 

  • Hard Reality of the New Reality!

    The Coronavirus exposed the raw underbelly of modern society, an existence teetering on a cliff.   This event has forced everyone to look in the mirror.   The online click culture is based on a labor exploitation, not the public relations releases preaching to us about new business models developed by brilliant guys.   Leading […]