Social Distancing, Not Alone

Are we a little confused about “Social Distancing”? How does one interact with “new fun friends” in the grip of Coronavirus Pandemic?  I have a  suggestion or two. 

Let’s face it.  We are all a bit paranoid. Everyday the headlines read like a science fiction film.  If your fun partner has a cough, should you hesitate?   If in the back of your head you are having thoughts of hesitation, YES! Or have plastic wrap ready. 

This new virus makes Grindr, Tinder, and all the quick hook up sites a bit risky. A person may require a one week health screening record before getting to 2ndbase. In China there is now a mandatory health rating app for citizens. I get the feeling this will soon come to dating sites.  

WELL,, but the old fashion ways are still around. Being hyper connected to a mobile phone means digital fun at your fingertips. Portable, able to move from room to room. For those of us like long sessions, the drawback with mobile phones is the battery life.  Second, only able to use one hand. 

Skype never left, it just got regulated to the second tier technology level. Back in the day, this platform was considered a safe encounter space with a camera for visuals and good sound quality. The full picture is available,   handsfree.   Just get in a comfortable place with your laptop or tablet, relax, then cyber fun take you away.  

Stay tuned for the next Men Reloaded Podcast.