mystery vibe

Sexual Healing Technology

I had an online interview with Mystery Vibe’s Soumyadip Rakshit about his Sexual Health Start Up and technology’s role in relationships. 

Does the device make a noise? 

Yes! It depends on the settings. There are 16 settings from soft to strong.

Is this a dildo or vibrator? 

It is a vibrator, additionally, a high tech toy.

How easy are the devices to use? 

The Mystery Vive devices are simple devices. User friendly. Anyone who is not tech savvy can use it with ease. The download apps are easy to use. The Crescendo is customizable loaded with many options for specific zones. Both ends can stimulate the prostate. Also, there are devices for stimulating nipples.

Sex Toy

Is “Sex Toy” the right term to use for the devices? 

You can use that term. It is for pleasure but also a health and medical device. Our health device or adult tech help improves the quality of life.

Is there gender specific usage? 

No. All our devices cross gender lines.


What is the product material? 

Outside it is made of body safe silicon. Inside, the material is electronic plastic. They are adaptable and stretch.

Is “sex toy” the right term? 

You can call it that. We want people to have pleasure with the devices. It is also a healthcare device.

Is a lubricant needed with a toy? 

We always recommend a lube to counter dryness.

Your background is originally not in adult toys.

No. I have a background in defense electronics, hardware research was an easy transition to sexual research.

Why this tech field? 

My business partners and I, all of us are married, wanted to develop a product that would keep the marriages alive. Mystery Vibe products help couples reconnect.

When I saw you at IFA Berlin, a bit of a shock.

Mystery was the first adult device at IFA.

Where can you buy Mystery Vibe tech devices? 

Online, duty free shops, Amazon and in Selfridges.