Raf Simons at Calvin Klein

Raf Simons made his debut at Calvin Klein during NYWFW.  I can honestly say I had no clue what was going on concerning the collection.  An iconic American brand in need of restart Mr. Simons with his pedigree was suppose to give a boast to the label,  make it Chic Again.

Simons first collection is a bit of everything looking for direction.  CK has been a brand known for minimalism, sexuality, and denim.

His interpretation of denim is to make it like a rigid Catholic School uniform.  The Minimalistic  looks were like crayons out of a box, a bit of a mess. The Sexy looks were more vulgar with the Nude Sheer Shirts for men.

I have high hopes for the designer even if this collection was a bit of a  misfire feeling like a vintage reworking. Raf’s  work at Jil Sander and his own label were the stuff of legends.