• Fashion Reviews

    Fashion Reviews

    Fashion Season is here with the big runway shows from the capital cities of style showing off their newest collections. Looking over the designs, we have some opinions. Before Tacky is coming soon.

  • Before Tacky on NYFW

    Taking on New York Fashion Week. Before Tacky commentators give their opinions on the Big Apple’s fashion scene this season. The likes and hates.

  • Before TACKY!

    Introducing our new web show on conversations with fashion creatives from around the world. We will get down to business with anyone who wants to talk. Stay Tuned.

  • Does Fashion Need This?

    Is there a need for fashion week? Being fashion enthusiasts we have to ponder this question. I recently spoke to a TV editor. He said, “No way will I attend a fashion show”. As the world continues reeling from Covid 19 the need for a new wardrobe, questionable. September is fashion month. Normally this time […]

  • NYFW 2018 Review PT2

    New York Fashion Week has ended. There were highs and lows but overall I think the fashion scene showed why it is in the Big 4 League, no questions asked. The city maybe the only place where commerce and experimentation can work. Marc Jacobs has been in the headlines lately, many have been wondering if […]

  • New York Fashion Week  REVIEWS

    New York Fashion Week REVIEWS

    New York Fashion Week kicks off the season. “Diversity” is the key word but at times it feels like tokenism. The same as saying, “I have  a friend who is,,,,” and I invited him or her to the party. “Pat me on the back for showing how forward thinking I am. In the 21st century, […]

  • New York Fashion Week Reviews

    Collections I liked. RiRi stole the show in many ways.  One for spectacle of presentation but on the collection front I liked the Fenty X Puma. I see success.  It is wearable and very today; the urban chic style will be everywhere. Do not wear this collection to Church.  Linder decided on body aggressive.  One […]

  • New York Fashion Week Opinion

    Not sure what to make of Raf Simons and his Nightmare inspired collection at Calvin Klein.  It feels like the present climate has inspired him in a dark way.  Did I like the looks? Not really. Brock Collection was lovely in the forms; feminine, soft, body hugging. Ulla Johnson was effervescent with a lot of […]

  • Raf Simons at Calvin Klein

    Raf Simons made his debut at Calvin Klein during NYWFW.  I can honestly say I had no clue what was going on concerning the collection.  An iconic American brand in need of restart Mr. Simons with his pedigree was suppose to give a boast to the label,  make it Chic Again. Simons first collection is […]

  • New York Fashion Week

    Tis the season of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks starting with New York. The collections I liked so far: Lacoste was a surprise by going for something completely different. The crocodile disappeared in favor exciting colored prints. Alexander Wang paid homage to the 60’s Hippie Culture of California. Herve Leger mixed mini dresses with pants […]