New York Fashion Week REVIEWS

New York Fashion Week kicks off the season. “Diversity” is the key word but at times it feels like tokenism. The same as saying, “I have  a friend who is,,,,” and I invited him or her to the party. “Pat me on the back for showing how forward thinking I am. In the 21st century, welcome to 1970, please cue a cynical remake of TV show “Room 222”.  If you have to shine a bright spotlight on “diversity” it means something is entrenched in the system. The spot light is there to deflect criticism. In the Age of President Trump, a born and raised New Yorker, it feels like everyone wants to brandish their liberal credentials. Fashion Week is like a peacock spreading it feathers during mating season, showing off plumage. Look at us, embracing difference. It is welcome message of sorts but there needs to be substance, not media packaging.  What happens after Trump leaves office? 


Collections from New York Fashion Week for Spring 2019.

As a whole NY is about America, athletic, the physical.

Rodarte showed frivolity, frills, in a dark wonderland. I liked it. A welcome return to NYFW.

Prabal Gurung was color and give more color until sunglasses are needed, optimisitismis the heart of the collection.

Escada has returned to the fashion after many years away, some looks were better than the collection as a whole. It is still a brand in search itself, the looks reflected this.

Boss is in the post Jason Wu period, so the brand loosened up a lot. Did I like the looks? Some. Not all. At times it felt more Italian than German, then American, trying to appeal to many.

Proenza Schouler returns to NYFW after being in Paris. Whatever influenced them in Paris, it was not the elegance of the city. So many rigid looks bordering on uniforms. Thumbs Down!

Tibi went for the soft and gentle but genderless clothing was front and centered, but the collection is wearable.

Anna Sui shinning visual exotics catches the eye with so many prints, headpieces, kaftans.

Carolina Herrara’s new creative director Wes Gordon has big shoes to fill. Did he succeed? Almost There are many vibrant prints his collection but at times I felt overwhelmed. Gordon needs to learn how to pull back a bit, too much is too much!

Suzanne Rae went with florescent colors, fun. I was waiting for Molly Ringwald.

Badgley Mischka had red carpet stars in their eyes, preparing for close ups with Alice in Wonderland being the theme of the collection.

Oscar de la Renta proves why the label is still a standard bearer for NYFW. Simply put, making elegance look easy moving from day to evening from yellow to black, fringes to frills.

Libertine. One Jeremy Scott is enough but I admit I liked some looks, especially #2, jacket and leggings.

As a fan of 3.1 Phillip Lim I can be honest. I liked the collection. HA! Touches of the 70’s suggested a bit of liberation or a romantic adventure. The color scheme was neutral, soft whites, grays, and silvers.