Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

I checked on family members the other day. Like everyone living in a lockdown, I reached out for a long conversation. Thankfully, everyone is OK. 

Not The Place!

The talked shifted to malls and shopping. What happens for the re-openings? Macy’s, the mall staple, when I was young the department store was a first stop. According to my sister, not anymore. It’s no secret the chain has suffered over the years. But I had no clue how bad things had gotten. A backstory, management in the early part of the century went on a buying merging spree. Buying Federated Department Stores, then May Company creating a massive coast to coast power retail brand. The problem, shoppers shifted to online buying, brick and mortar stores felt old fashioned. Secondly, the company became highly leveraged. Unable to react quickly as customers left to other shopping experiences. The company made some concept store changes. Then announced more closures. Macy’s became a wondering company without a soul.


Back to the conversation with my sister, Shopping! I asked her about going to Macy’s. The “GOD NO” response said it all. Their shoe department is awful. Shoe are left out, stacked in boxes for you to get them yourself. Not even organized! There is no sales person. When in a service industry, cutting customer service seems the same as 2+2=3.

“They need new buyers because the clothes are bad. Who would want to wear anything? I stopped going to Macy’s a long time ago”.  I got the perfect example of a lost retail customer because of the short sighted nature of those in charge.

My reaction to my sister not buying shoes.

I am writing this story based one of the retailers local store, not a flagship location. However this tale could be a gage for a wider picture.  Macy’s has been in retreat mode for years posting erratic sales, falling numbers, and site closures.

If a store cannot entice my sister to buy a new pair of shoes.  That says a lot!