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  • Empty on Christmas

    Empty on Christmas

    Normally, the last weekend before Christmas stores bustle. During this season retailers earn as much as 50% of their yearly income. Not this year, all is closed because of the latest lock down. I visited a neighborhood mall. Three more stores have permanently closed. Brick and mortar retail will have fewer and fewer locales after […]

  • Has It Changed? Not Much!

    I started looking over the Instagram accounts of the some of the big department stores. All express solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  It is great PR.  However, sadly, the shopping experience has not changed over the decades.  When I went shopping in the American South with my family as a child I remember store staff […]

  • Fashion Biz Trends

    Continuing my conversation with Editor Alex Popov.  We moved to the topic of Fashion Biz Trends.  What do we expect to happen in these uncertain times? How will fashion evolve? No easy questions to answer. But, we had fun.   Stay Safe.    

  • Shopping in the New Normal

    The second part of my reports on Shopping in the New Normal. The world is changing really fast. 

  • Berlin Reopening Thursday

    Berlin Reopening Thursday

    Black and Paper coverage from the capital.   Berlin retail is struggling to get shoppers in stores. On Thursday the place was empty.  Hopefully, things will get better once restaurants reopen. 

  • Still Not the Same

    The “New Norma”l is not normal.  Berlin is feeling the psychological   impact of the Coronavirus.  Although the German capital has not been as hard hit compared to other regions of the country, the effects cut across the city.     Stores have opened, yet people continue to stay away. The retail experience is almost […]

  • Berlin Reopening-Friday

    Berlin Reopening-Friday

    The city has eased the lockdown but shoppers are staying away from malls.   Demand has dissolved.   The “New Normal” for the short term means less consumption.   What makes it hard to buy? The constant reminders of the Coronavirus.  A Mood killer! 

  • Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    I checked on family members the other day. Like everyone living in a lockdown, I reached out for a long conversation. Thankfully, everyone is OK.  Not The Place! The talked shifted to malls and shopping. What happens for the re-openings? Macy’s, the mall staple, when I was young the department store was a first stop. […]

  • Here is Fashion in 2020

    The Coronavirus has changed every business in ways we have yet to digest. Business models will crash. In fashion, retail brick and mortar stores have struggled competing against online sales. The end is near for many storied chains. The crash in consumer demand will put the last nail in the coffin. Habits will change, malls […]

  • Fashion Week Conversations

    The Fashion Week Tour has started, yet the fashion business becomes more precarious. This year the challenges are too big to bury our heads in the sand. While we sit on rows during shows, mingle with each other over a sparkling wine, the warning bells are ringing louder.  Stores Going Wrong Macy’s, the American retail […]