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  • Fashion Lowdown Preview

    Today, I read Gucci’s sales fell 10%. Sales in China saved the copernicus luxury brand from collapse. Last week LVMH put the brakes on Superstar Rhianna’s fashion line after two years. These stores are not a surprise in the current environment where consumers are in a holding pattern. The Black and Paper Fashion Lowdown report has […]

  • Shopping in the New Normal

    The second part of my reports on Shopping in the New Normal. The world is changing really fast. 

  • Berlin Reopening-Friday

    Berlin Reopening-Friday

    The city has eased the lockdown but shoppers are staying away from malls.   Demand has dissolved.   The “New Normal” for the short term means less consumption.   What makes it hard to buy? The constant reminders of the Coronavirus.  A Mood killer! 

  • Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    I checked on family members the other day. Like everyone living in a lockdown, I reached out for a long conversation. Thankfully, everyone is OK.  Not The Place! The talked shifted to malls and shopping. What happens for the re-openings? Macy’s, the mall staple, when I was young the department store was a first stop. […]

  • Here is Fashion in 2020

    The Coronavirus has changed every business in ways we have yet to digest. Business models will crash. In fashion, retail brick and mortar stores have struggled competing against online sales. The end is near for many storied chains. The crash in consumer demand will put the last nail in the coffin. Habits will change, malls […]