Lust Looks Great!

If lust for a bag is wrong.  I do not want to be right.  I want the bag. 

I am a fan of the Loewe Puzzle XI Bag. Its cube shape has intrigues me from the first time I saw it. Why? When it comes to a bag there is no reason, no logic, only emotion. Emotion cannot be explained, only experienced. Not the most practical for carrying a laptop or work gear, but I do not care. A 2.300 euro bag is not a need of life, but a desire.

Loewe is not as well known as Bally, Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Gucci. The Spanish label has a rich history of producing luxury leather goods. Founded in 1846 by leather craftsman, today, the brand is headed by British designer Johnathan Anderson.

While in Paris, I visited the Loewe bag, held it. Should I buy my ultimate accessory? There is an empty space in my closet. Of course the sales person did not have a hard time convincing me how good it looked on my shoulder. I prefer the black one but the brown one stood out.

No worries about me getting my money’s worth. When I have the Puzzle XI I am taking an ancient Asian religious perpsective on my materialistic lust. I have given instructions to be cremated with the bag. If I am coming back to life in another form, this bag is returning with me in one shape or another.