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  • Go Girl

    Go Girl

    I met Flora Cusi during Milan Fashion Week in September 19. The young bag designer debuted her new bag collection and brand, Yosono, to press and buyers. Engaging with new designers is always exciting because of the enthusiasm. Lastly, the chance to watch the person grow is rewarding.  I hope she makes it.   I […]

  • Fanny Pack,,Not!

    The fanny pack has become a luxury brand staple. An accessory once regulated to streetwear to brands like Nike and Puma. Luxury makers have recently picked on the trend by introducing their own versions. Louis Vuitton’s 1500 euro item sets the standard in the fashionista category. My opinion: I will never own one.   Do […]

  • Furla for 2019

    Furla for 2019

    An impressive presentation from luxury bag brand Furla at Milan Fashion Week, what was my opinion?  Creative Director Fabio Fusio based this bag collection on cities and gender neutrality.  

  • LUX BLING from Bulgari

    During Fashion Week Milan Fashion Week Bulgari presented it latest collection. The womenswear bags are for women who want to be scene. 

  • Lust Looks Great!

    Lust Looks Great!

    If lust for a bag is wrong.  I do not want to be right.  I want the bag.  I am a fan of the Loewe Puzzle XI Bag. Its cube shape has intrigues me from the first time I saw it. Why? When it comes to a bag there is no reason, no logic, only […]


  • Bulgaria from MFW

    Bulgaria from MFW

    Luxury fashion brand Bulgari produces luxury handbags for the exclusive buyer.  Strong leathers and prints are signatures of the brands accessory line. Am I a fan? Not for me but I can see the appeal for clients looking for exclusive bling.

  • Come Si Dice??

    Come Si Dice??

    Elena Ghisellini presentation from Milan Fashion Week.

  • Chic Unusual

    Chic Unusual

    The Unusual chic style of Borbonese Bags from Milan Fashion Week.

  • Black and Paper Pick

    Black and Paper Pick

    Italian leather crafts wear brand Serapian has a new collection this fall inspired by the seventies.   I saw their pieces at Pitti Uomo in Florence.  For a man looking for a luxury bag with style and details but without the brand markings, I recommend these bags for their craftsmanship and versatility; the looks can be […]