Fanny Pack,,Not!

The fanny pack has become a luxury brand staple. An accessory once regulated to streetwear to brands like Nike and Puma. Luxury makers have recently picked on the trend by introducing their own versions. Louis Vuitton’s 1500 euro item sets the standard in the fashionista category. My opinion: I will never own one.   Do not get me wrong, , except for jogging around the park. Using one for every day use is my style. I don’t wonder how a sportswear piece graduated to the luxury leagues. Fashion has moved in every direction.  Items once not a part of a brand’s DNA are now key drivers of collections.

Never could I imagine wearing a fanny pack as a fashion piece.  Especially, one emblazoned with a designer logo protruding from my waist. The feel is tacky, gimmicky, a here and now item that will become a dated fad.

I use bags because I carry around a PC, camera, cards, and everything needed for business. A small, overpriced piece of leather does me no good.  I recommend getting a full size bag that will last with time.