Food! Glorious Food!


What is a holiday in Italy or France without food? Resisting was futile. Good food should be enjoyed! The diet got tossed out the window. Give in to temptation if it tastes good. I guessed I sinned a lot. How many Hail Marys will I have to say is a guess.

While traveling around Italy I learned I am not cooking pasta correctly. Particularly wonderful, a seafood pasta from the Italian Riviera. I usually boil it or over boil it to the point of it being a soggy string. No more of that! I have decided to be more careful. Al Dente is now on the dinner plate with a bit more olive oil.

Lastly, my final plate in Italy shocked me. The best desserts I have EVER HAD! Or at least on the top 5 list. A salty pistachio panna cotta and a White Chocolate cream soup made with balsamic.


In France I had the best baguette of my life. The owner of the hotel said “this is the second best in the area. The best one is a bit more expensive.” Sadly, there was no time to find the “better one”. But there is tomorrow.

The coast is about sea, especially fish. We skipped the front row establishments for the 3 row streets. Finding a very authentic place turned into a fun outing. It must be good place. The same people were there. The waitress was friendly, if not very familiar with customers. 

Of course, while in Provence, making time for buying cheese, wines, and herbs started as a simple task but became an endeavor of fun. In a small village, the local shop introduced me to a rosemary cheese. The market hall in Avignon offered a variety of Olive Oils. Buying two flavors, one spicy, the other sweet, mission accomplished.

It goes without saying, throw a rock while driving you hit a vineyard in France. Of course, we stopped, tasted, then bought a case of Red, and a bootle of Sparkling.

Culinary delights traveling for 3000 kilometers. Delightful!