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  • Pisa, Not A Cartoon Gag.

    Pisa, Not A Cartoon Gag.

    How many Saturday Morning cartoons did I watch with the Tower of Pisa as a center of joke? Always the same gag, the character’s actions either shift or straighten the famed structure. Never mind the animation jokes, the 14th century architectural work is worth the trip to Pisa. As one of the most recognized designed […]

  • PISA is Real

    PISA is Real

    I will tell you all about it.

  • A Palace Is Still A Palace

    A Palace Is Still A Palace

    The 18th century residence, The Royal Palace of Caserta is a a sight to behold. While traveling around Naples a stop at in Caserta was a must. The Southern Italian city is home to last great palace built in Europe. To say the least, it is spectacular. Cause of the Covid restrictions I could not […]

  • An Ancient Allure

    The ancient ruins of Paestum Italy. The former Greek colony was founded in 600BC.

  • The GENE kicked in.

    If you happen to be along the Almafi Coast in Italy head to Salerno for a bit of menswear shopping. Walking on the Via Mercanti in the old city I saw Ferlazzo Giuseppe store with a sign posted of 50% off. My “SALE GENE” kicked in. The two floor store carries some stylish Neapolitan pieces.

  • Pompeii


    Haunting. Tragic. Inspiring. What can anyone write about Pompeii that has not been written before? The Roman city fell victim to the Mount Vesuvius. Mother Nature claimed the city one evening burying the ancient metropolis under levels of deadly ash almost 2000 years ago. Visiting the site 2 times in August. I admit, Pompeii stirs […]

  • Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    On a visit to South Italy, a visit to the once grand city of Pompeii is a must Stay tuned for the full story.

  • #Milano Never Stops

    Italy is reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak. As fate would have it, I was in the country at the time. The Lombardy capital, Milan, went under lockdown. Suddenly a feeling of panic overcame Fashion Week. A deep sense of unease rippled through out the metropolis. All went silent. Milanese stayed indoors. The bustle stopped.   […]

  • Work and Play

    Work and Play

    A working holiday in Italy alongside Lake Garda, The largest lake in Italy,  located at the foot hills of the Alps, at a luxury resort spa. Not a bad proposal. I jumped at the chance. Why not?  I did not know much about the region.  A chance to visit.  The lakeside village of Bordolino dates […]

  • Food! Glorious Food!

    Food! Glorious Food!

    ITALY  What is a holiday in Italy or France without food? Resisting was futile. Good food should be enjoyed! The diet got tossed out the window. Give in to temptation if it tastes good. I guessed I sinned a lot. How many Hail Marys will I have to say is a guess. While traveling around […]