Fashion Expedition

Shopping for a bargain is always an adventure.  I call these outings “Fashion Expeditions”.  My latest expedition took me to the Ingolstadt Village in the south of German, located in this center are over 130 stores from many top designers and brands. The center is architectural fairytale kitsch painted in soft pastel colors designed with a simple one trail layout of stores on both sides.   Europeans may find it a bit plastic but being an American, I felt at home.

When shopping for bargains or at outlet centers it is important to do a bit of research.  Check prices at local sales outlets then make a plan.  Buying the first thing you see is not what I recommend, explore first to see what is on offer.  I usually go from store to store for a first round venture to check out what store  has what.   For me, 50% off the retail price is minimal incentive to shop at an outlet center because they are usually outside city centers, meaning the savings have to be worth the travel.

My Store Experiences:

Ralph Lauren Price Tag

Ralph Lauren– This store had a large selection of men’s and women’s fashion..  Were the prices good? On some items, yes, I bought t-shirts and underwear. The prices were comparable to TK Maxx but with many fashion choices from the designer label, a shopper could not go wrong.  The customer service was excellent. I spent 72 euros.

Bally-The Swiss luxury brand outlet store had great discounts up to 70% off, but sadly for me, nothing in my shoe size. I really wanted a pair of leather trainers at 75 euros in blue or black.

Tod’s-I was hypnotized in the Italian luxury shoe wear brand’s store.  Blue leather hi top trainers or round toe suede ankle boots 70% off.  I decided on the round boots, classic style for only 125 euros but there was a bit of remorse about leaving the hi-tops.

Trussardi Jeans-This brand’s menswear collections was on hit for sweaters and jackets.  A button down wool sweater and slim cut pants were on my menu at 70%.  The fit was perfect. The sales staff was very patient to say the least. How many sweaters did I try on? A LOT! I am sure I drove the sales  people to the nearest bar at quitting time.

Sunglasses-I wandered into this small store on the corner by accident, a nice selection of brands and styles.  The sales lady was welcoming telling me the store had a reduction on many designer frames.  I ended up buying a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for a steal at 65%.

Gant-A spacious store divided by one side for womenswear, the other for menswear.  The premium brand had many items at deep discounts.  I was looking for a gift.   I found the perfect outerwear in the form of a 100% wool poncho at 80% off.

Gucci Jacket

Gucci-The top luxury brand retained its status even at a discount.  The boutique was first class all the way from service to clothing on hand, temptation on every shelf.   I wanted a bag. I saw a jacket all at a major discount.  I had to walk away on blow my budget.  When a person says, “GUCCI AT A BIG DISCOUNT”   it is hard to walk away without feeling shaken.

A very productive shopping outing at the Ingolstadt Village, my fashion needs were met without breaking my wallet.  If you are planning a “Fashion Expedition” in Europe put Ingolstadt Village on your list.

For more information go to: Ingolstadt Village