CNET on Smartwatches


I am a frequent CNET reader.  I likes this article from the site. 

These are the top five reasons smart watches don’t sell. There’s a brand new Apple watch. Yay. That sums up most people’s responses. Pretty much any smart watch. The time has arrived to dive into the five. At number 5, small screens. How much functionality can you cram into a tiny screen? Let’s look at what happened with phones, shall we? Phones started out with tiny displays. They grew and grew. Then smartphones got huge. Do people need huge wrist cuffs like Leela on Futurama? Not necessarily and that brings us to number 4. Interfaces aren’t there yet. How do you interact with a watch? That you read the swaps, reach gestures a better the turn to select things maybe you tops it. All of those are ways to use Mola watches today. And that the problem, there’s still A great way to use these things. And number three, battery life. The purpose of any watch is to tell you the time. Whenu’re concerned your smart watch could die on a daily basis, the function of the watch part of the smart watch comes into question. At number two, they’re pricey. Smart watches suffer from high prices for several reasons. First, it’s not cheap to put a touch screen computer on a light weight wrist wearable device. Secondly, it costs money to make them look not cheap. Is there a magic price point for a smart watch where all the flaws can be overlooked. Maybe. But there’s still just one giant problem. There’s no killer app. This is the simplest reason why smart watches haven’t taken off like smart phones. Smart watches lack a true compelling reason to exist. When the majority of the functions can be replicated by the other devices that most people carry all the time, their smartphone. Go check out more Top 5’s at TOP5. CNET. COM. I’m Iyaz Akhtar, I’ll see you online.

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