Before Tacky with Yosono

The interview with bag designer Silvia Scaramucci on her handbags and view on life.

Yosono moved away from classic bag styles, was this a mission statement?

Our mission is to satisfy the consumer’s desire to invest in beautiful, high-quality bags that will stand the test of time and which actually tell a story about the wearer. In addition to this, our products address people who like changing, by having a different bag which goes hand in hand with their mood.The fashion industry has moved away from classic styles and instead has started to gravitate toward the cult of the personality bag. 

Buying them is done with as much head as heart.

What is the story of the Model Joy Bag?

I designed this model for customers who need something useful and functional, yet with personality, as the bag still features the geometric lines which characterize any of our models.

The Janne Bag is a bit multi-dimensional. How do you develop the design?

Checkout the interview below:

I wanted to design something that could be worn in different ways. Janne is a bag you can either wear on your shoulder or like a necklace; moreover, you can also change the flap and the strap to boast a different bag whenever you like.

Optimism is the brand story, can you explain?

We are a young and creative team and we strongly believe in a better world. Our aim is to make something we enjoy and which brings us pleasure and satisfaction; that’s why our zest for life inevitably contaminates our creations.

How many bags should a person have?

This is a little bit personal… Maybe each woman would like to have as many bags as they wish…I know people who have more than a hundred bags, but I usually suggest relying on high quality than quantity.

Related to the rebooting and rebirthing issue, how will the brand redefine their concept during this pivotal time?

This is a very difficult time and the right way to redefine ourselves is not that clear at the moment…however, we hope this situation will change all the rules which govern the fashion industry and make our way to building a new concept of business made of well-made and “sincere” products, which clearly state who they are and where they come from.  The only way to face this crisis is to make products which feature the high-quality and craftsmanship we are famous for all over the world.       

Who is the brand’s famous role model?

The Zoe model is our iconic shape. People love that because it’s easily identifiable and suitable for any age.

I like their young preppy Geometric aesthetic Concept, please explain

This is definitely my signature. All the bags I design have geometry in them; I love enclosing everything in defined lines and borders. This probably reflects a necessity to turn the chaos I feel in my soul into something visible and neat, in order to find my peace of mind into something reliable and well-defined, which brings peace and harmony.

What colors will you recommend this summer?

Pastel colors, absolutely! And earth colors in all their shades, but always with a hint of bright and vivid color such as neon ones.

Who are you clients and where?

I have clients from different countries…I don’t have a specific ID of my ordinary customer because the lines and shapes of the bags are very much appreciated by people of different ages and social classes. Being fully customizable, our product can be worn by anyone who likes standing out.

Company name origins, how did you develop this?

Yosono means “I am” in Italian: that’s where we started from..We just changed the letter “I” in “Y” because we love the “Japanese” sound it has, something more “international”. “I am” because when you buy one of our bags, your personality inevitably infuses in the bag itself, which shouts out loud “This is what I am!”.

Being a designer how did you start and what advice would you give to a young bag designer.

I recommend young designers follow their own path autonomously, without getting distracted by what other people are doing. I also suggest working against the tide without following what the market actually wants and going on with strength and commitment, as tough times may come…so, never give up.