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  • Talking about Hats

    Talking about Hats

    Before Tacky Episode talks about Hats with a man who is an expert on the subject, Jacopo Politi, Head of Styling for Italian label BORSALINO. Co-Host Eugenia Kuzmina discuss the history, details and influences of the creative leader.

  • Before Tacky with Yosono

    The interview with bag designer Silvia Scaramucci on her handbags and view on life. Yosono moved away from classic bag styles, was this a mission statement? Our mission is to satisfy the consumer’s desire to invest in beautiful, high-quality bags that will stand the test of time and which actually tell a story about the […]

  • Before Tacky on MFW 2

    The Before Tacky contributors discuss Milan Fashion Week in the the 2nd part of the show. Click below to watch the episode

  • Before Tacky on MFW

    What is our option on Milan Fashion Week 2021. Stay tuned, the fashion panel on Beyond Tacky gives its opinion and breakdown.

  • Fashion Lowdown Preview

    Today, I read Gucci’s sales fell 10%. Sales in China saved the copernicus luxury brand from collapse. Last week LVMH put the brakes on Superstar Rhianna’s fashion line after two years. These stores are not a surprise in the current environment where consumers are in a holding pattern. The Black and Paper Fashion Lowdown report has […]