On Your Mark, Get Ready, Model!

Visiting one of Milan’s leading modeling agencies is always special because it gives me an opportunity to scout the latest trends in the modeling world.  Joy Models is a world class agency founded 30 years ago specializing in high fashion male models with a client roaster including Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani,  Stone Island, and Gucci to name a few.

During Fashion Week Milan Menswear I witnessed the high energy octane atmosphere of the office with the bookers preparing for the runway shows and presentations.  I can honestly say, it is not for the weak.  The phones were ringing, conversations were zinging across desks, and models were walking in an out of the office. It was a beehive of activity.

Booker Ilaria has been in the business since a high school internship gave her  an introduction to the world of modeling which lead to jobs in New Delhi and Mumbai before back to Milan.

Is Fashion Week a tough time?

Oh Yes!  I have no a life outside the office the week before fashion week.    Casting directors are under a lot of pressure to get the right models for the shows.    The late night request calls for models to come to fittings at hotels and ateliers.  Everyone has deadline pressures, schedules.

Any late Night Calls?

Once, it was really late, 11 or 12,  I was going to bed, suddenly, I got a call from a casting director who desperately needed a model for a fitting.  I do not know how this person got my number, no clue!  It is still a mystery.

Is the “Fashion Week Rush” like this every season?

Every Season!

Are you developing new faces at the moment?

We are not taking new models now.  We want guys with experience. We developed models only to have them leave once their books are strong.  It is a thankless business.  Models call about jobs all the time.  We put them forward for castings  but the final decision is not ours. When they do not get the job they are upset.  It is a Thankless Job!

What are the current trends in the modeling world?

A  number of Asian Guys are on the runway.  Koreans are strong now.  Older guys are and gender free looks are popular.  Diversity has become important.

But there are challenges in the field.  Models have to compete with celebrity kids and Instagram influencers for jobs.  Budgets have gotten tighter.

India has a lot of potential.  I worked there for 4 years.  There are many good publications.  The market for modeling is growing.

Joy Models is a Milan based modeling agency representing many well-known faces in the fashion business. For more information go to: Joymodels.com