Month: May 2022

  • Testing the Neato Bot

    Testing the Neato Bot

    i got the new Neato D10 robot vacuum to put through the test. Does it work? My first impressions. I am not too sure about the app. The actual vacuum device has a good feel. In two weeks, I’ll tell you my impressions.

  • A Walk in Castell

    A Walk in Castell

    A small village in Lower Franconia offering enchanting views and pleasant hikes. After all of this, a bit of wine tasting to top off a good day.

  • Cannes opens in 2022

    The 75th Cannes Film Festival opened with a bang with Tom Cruise walking on the legendary Red Carpet. The Superstar brought all the glamour to the South of France this year with his new film MAVERICK.

  • Still Charming Furth

    Still Charming Furth

    According the tourism board site, Furth was built after the 30 Years War in the 17th Century. The city has a relaxing atmosphere ideal for walking along the old streets. One advantage, the historical center retains its local charm.

  • Tech + Fashion with Burani

    Tech + Fashion with Burani

    From the Milan Fashion Week, Cristiano Burani gave me a personal fashion tour of his latest collection during his presentation. What struck me, the technical materials. The distinctive pieces made use of specialised fabrics, while remaining fitted for the figure.

  • A Low Octane Met Gala

    Of course I reviewed the Red Carpet fashion looks from the 2022 MET GALA. The big event raising money for the Costume Institute in New York City. Vogue Global Editorial Director Anna Wintour reigns over the biggest night in fashion. The theme this year “Gilded Glamor” raised a few eyebrows. The theme was either a […]