A Low Octane Met Gala

Of course I reviewed the Red Carpet fashion looks from the 2022 MET GALA. The big event raising money for the Costume Institute in New York City. Vogue Global Editorial Director Anna Wintour reigns over the biggest night in fashion. The theme this year “Gilded Glamor” raised a few eyebrows. The theme was either a stroke of insensitivity, pr genius or random luck given the growing wealth gap. Let’s face facts, how many of us can afford the $35.000 ticket? Only the rich and famous need apply for the First Monday in May dress up.

Funny, given the over top promotion on the Conde Nast platforms for millionaire party, a person would not think many of the publishing house employees have formed a union for better salaries, working conditions and security. Under the banner “Prestige does not pay bills”. Perhaps, a fundraiser for Vogue staff should be organised.


Desperate to stay relevant, let’s face it, Vogue’ mountain top tastemaker status is under threat from platforms and content makers. The MET GALA is a cash cow for the aspirational publication with income streams from sponsors to high media value. According to the Business of Fashion, the 2019 MET GALA generated over $16 million.

The Red Carpet Gold Medal: Kim K stole the limelight channeling old Hollywood Glamour in a nude dress inspired by Screen Goddess Marilyn Monroe, hardly keeping with the theme of the night, but the reality star mogul understands the optics. For the other attendees, their A-Game fell short, lacking spectacle. As if invitees were unsure. In other words, “I’ll go, but make a social political woke statement at an elite event during a global pandemic in a world on the brink of World War 3.” I hope the food was good.