Month: September 2020

  • At PFW,, Less

    France 24 News reports on the New Normal affecting Paris Fashion Week.  Less people attending Fashion Shows because of social distancing rules. 

  • Timepieces for Everyday

    Timepieces for Everyday

    A watch is a statement piece for every mood, for everyday. A style expression of how what the wearer wants to say: Feeling good, wear a  colourful style. Feeling serious, go with a classic style.  Affordable watch maker The Camden Watch Company of London produces a big range of watches, a style fit for every […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Views

    I got a bit behind schedule. Of course I am paying attention to Milan Fashion Week. Sadly, we decided to skip the event this season because of Covid. Notheless, thanks to the digital platform we have been able to see the latest collections. Stay Tuned for full reports.

  • Raf Meets Prada

    Eagerly awaited, yet, what happened? In February there was an announcement of a collaboration. Raf Simons’ first collection at Prada with Miuccia Prada.  Looking back, were my expectations too high? Taking into account the circumstances, an audience free presentation during a social distancing fashion week in Milan.  Perhaps the lockdown combined with the global somber mood took […]

  • My Highlights from London

    The United Kingdom is going through a lot. A government just holding its head above water, under siege on all fronts. Like the rest of the world, Covid has taken a toll on the country. Citizens refusing to understand the gravity of the virus. The Brexit drama continues its tortuous walk to an end of […]

  • Halpern Empowerment

    This collection from Fashion Designer Halpern at the London Fashion Week shows the power of imagination merged with function for style.  Using different materials and shapes each look had the theme of female empowerment.    Women who mattered during these times.  This season the house used front line workers as models.  Fabulous!  Stay tuned for […]

  • Cinema Culture War, Again

    20th Century Culture War  My first job, working a multiplex movie theater with 8 cinemas. I got to see movies for free. Invite friends and have popcorn. The Culture Wars of the Reagan Years were happening. Of course it  reached my city and the theater I worked that summer.  Martin Scorsese made “The Last Temptation of Christ”. […]

  • Electric in the City-Preview

    I tested the Vanmoof electric bike for a day.  Riding around the city on the high-tech cycle, I want one.  The Vanmoof Electric Bike  Stay tuned for the feature 

  • Why the Fuss?

    Senegalese-French filmmaker Maimouna Doucoure unwittingly stepped in the middle of the American Culture Wars.  Her small film has gotten a lot of attention.  “Cuties” is the story of a girl from a poor Paris neighbourhood trying to find her way in life.   Ignore the Outrage!  According to some, it promotes Child Sexuality. On social […]

  • Does Fashion Need This?

    Is there a need for fashion week? Being fashion enthusiasts we have to ponder this question. I recently spoke to a TV editor. He said, “No way will I attend a fashion show”. As the world continues reeling from Covid 19 the need for a new wardrobe, questionable. September is fashion month. Normally this time […]