Month: April 2019

  • At Nudie Again

    At Nudie Again

    Recently, I took my Nudie Jeans back for a free repair, again. Part of their sustainability policy is to repair or replace of jeans if needed. Staying true to the heritage, the brand’s store is centered around a sewing machine. I bought these jeans in 2013. “Buy Better” to paraphrase Westwood. I paid 119 euros […]

  • Fly Cheap and Simple

    Taking a Ryanair flight is an experience.  Just relax, chill out, and got with the flow.  How much do you expect for 9.99?

  • The Netflix Effect

    The Netflix effect is real. The streaming has effected the cinema world like no other technology.   The Chat Cinema Team, Steve, Kristin, and Breck discuss the shockwaves.

  • Items from Press Days 2019

    Items from Press Days 2019

    Press Days is an event when media, agents, and designers come together to discuss the latest looks and trends in fashion and lifestyle.  Sustainability and colourful branding are coming to retailers soon.    What stood out from the crowd? Gitti nail polish, the new eco-friendly beauty brand looks to break out.  Stay tuned for the […]

  • Lamenting DESIGNS

    What happened to mobile phone designs? New smartphone designs are the same.  They completely lack style. If you have seen one, you have seen them all.  I am looking forward when a tech brand breaks the current monotony. 

  • Enchanted Luxury

    Sponsored by Canon Germany  Luxury brand Serapian invited me to their presentation during Milan Fashion Week. The setting impressed me.  I wondered if a certain Hollywood actress would come down the marble stair case.   A quick look at the Serapian collection. These are classic pieces that will be in style for a long time. 

  • 21st century fashion

    France 24 reports on the future of fashion.   

  • Stay Classic. It Lasts Longer.

    Times are changing but some things are always the same. Menswear style is evolving quickly. Subculture trends continute to elbow their way into the mainstream. Gender free looks loved by millennials. As a fashion term, “gender free” is lost term on me, coined by the media to keep up with general public’s lifestyle acceptance. Streetwear […]

  • A Plunge into fashion

    A Plunge into fashion

    Austrian brand Alpha Tauri is now on sale in the Berlin department store KaDeWe. The Red Bull owned label is new on the fashion block. The team introduced me to the brand at Press Days last fall. The collection is based on premium outer and athletic leisurewear made in Europe. Emphasizing high tech materials and […]

  • Why Drink Champagne in the Spring?

    There are seven reasons. Black and Paper recommends these cocktail recipes:   Mimosa Champagne + Orange Juice Bellini Champagne + Peach Juice Pomegranate Mimosa Champagne + Pomegranate Juice  Lemonade Mimosa Champagne + Lemonade Sorbet Float Champagne + Sorbet  Strawberry Bellini Champagne + Strawberry  Sparkling Julep Champagne + Mint + Tea Spoon of Sugar Use Veuve […]