At Nudie Again

Recently, I took my Nudie Jeans back for a free repair, again. Part of their sustainability policy is to repair or replace of jeans if needed. Staying true to the heritage, the brand’s store is centered around a sewing machine. I bought these jeans in 2013. “Buy Better” to paraphrase Westwood. I paid 119 euros for one pair of jeans from the Scandanavian Ready to Wear label. I am not a fan of throw away clothing. There are cheaper jeans but I like purchasing pieces that last, more of an invest than buy.

Since that time they have become favorites returning them 3 times for a fast fixing. This time a worn hole in the pocket needed tending. A quick drop off at the counter, a collection number. The sales person told me to comeback in a week for pick up. It took a bit longer because the sewing machine broke down for several days.

My investment paid off over the years. I still get a return from wearing the jeans. The repair concept has been sold on my friends. They are considering buying pairs even if they cost more.

I plan on keeping these Nudie Jeans for a few more years. What happens when I cannot wear them any longer? Well, the company’s vintage jean trade in plan with a 20% discount offer for a new pair looks good.