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  • Nudie Trade In

    Yes. I traded in another pair. I’ll give you the low down later.

  • At Nudie Again

    At Nudie Again

    Recently, I took my Nudie Jeans back for a free repair, again. Part of their sustainability policy is to repair or replace of jeans if needed. Staying true to the heritage, the brand’s store is centered around a sewing machine. I bought these jeans in 2013. “Buy Better” to paraphrase Westwood. I paid 119 euros […]

  • Nudie Jeans

    Sexy Sustainable Fashion Another follow up to a past story regarding Nudie Jeans I wrote a few years ago. The brand’s policy concerning sustainable fashion is not just a marketing strategy but a part of the Swedish label’s DNA.   If a pair of jeans are torn or in need of mending the buyer can […]

  • Black and Paper Pick

    Black and Paper Pick

    The reason I chose Lee Cooper Jeans is because of the Cooper Collection.  Unlike other denim brands producing in Asia these looks are produced in East London by Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. During the Selvedge Fashion Tradeshow in Berlin I looked over a few pieces.  The quality was impressive, making a pair a jean essential for […]

  • Berlin Fashion Week

    From place to place in Berlin during Fashion Week means trade shows and designer runway collections.  It is a lot to take in.  Here are the highlights.  

  • Tech Meets FASHION