Stay Classic. It Lasts Longer.

Times are changing but some things are always the same. Menswear style is evolving quickly. Subculture trends continute to elbow their way into the mainstream. Gender free looks loved by millennials. As a fashion term, “gender free” is lost term on me, coined by the media to keep up with general public’s lifestyle acceptance. Streetwear now conveys credentials of modernity.  The more you look “in today” the more out you look tomorrow. 

While 2019 is not short of trends. Some feel fleeting. Contemporary man may explore different fashion avenues but mens styles absorb then veers towards classic. Style Maestro David Bowie transitioned from flamboyant showman to tailored threads.

Since the Industrial Revolution masculinity has been based on a physical appearance with upper class perspectives. A man wearing a nice suit goes to the head of the line. As my grandmother said, “always have a nice pair of shoes.”  Mix and match if you can. 

Stay tuned for my recommendations on what a man should have in his closet.  Secondly, how to mix and match pieces for a “max effect”.