Month: November 2018

  • Lust Looks Great!

    Lust Looks Great!

    If lust for a bag is wrong.  I do not want to be right.  I want the bag.  I am a fan of the Loewe Puzzle XI Bag. Its cube shape has intrigues me from the first time I saw it. Why? When it comes to a bag there is no reason, no logic, only […]

  • Made to Measure

    Made to Measure

    What is the best gift to give that special guy this Christmas?  Something that feels good on the skin yet makes him feel special underneath.  A Black and Paper Production by Brice Hardelin and Samuel Rosseau from Paris.  

  • Montmartre Stroll

    Montmartre Stroll

    Just walk, enjoy. Montmartre is the romantic Parisian neighborhood on the hill with many local establishments, but what I like are the food stores. The display of goodies of all kinds are heavenly! For me, a casual stroll turns into a wonderland of food spotting, “gastronomic inspiration” through a window S’il vous plait? What is […]

  • Milan Mensweek 2019

  • Fashion Titanic

    Stay calm. Take a deep breath.   After attending Milan Fashion Week, having conversations with many industry professionals, fashion is at a major crossroads, with many questions, few answers. Attending events, drinking a glass of sparkling wine, I looked around, buyers, editors, influencers, designers, press people all in attendance, MWAH, MWAH, on the cheeks. For […]

  • Coming Soon: Visual Stunner

    When I read “It” director Andy Muschietti was attached to direct a big screen version of Hajime Isayame’s “Attack on Titan”, I was curious. As a fan of anime. I knew about the Japanese comic but was not so familiar with background and story. I decided to watch a dubbed episode of the series that […]

  • The Yellow Vests, Paris

    There is always a protest in Paris. Many times while I was in capital something stopped because of industrial action. Protesting is a part of the culture, a counter balance to the power structure.  The Yellow Vest protest in Paris and throughout France is movement against a new gas tax from Macron.  I stood in […]

  • Christmas Season in Paris!

    When I am in the Paris, I cannot help but go into the department store to see what the theme will be for the season.It is always a pleasure to sit at one of the cafes in Glaeries Lafayette to look up at the Christmas Decorations under the dome. I waited for the light show, […]

  • Menswear: A Cosmo Watch!

  • The Inspirational Seine

     No matter the perspective, when you troll on the Seine, it is inspirational.  Take a book,  a magazine, or a bottle of wine with a blanket, then find a spot.