The Yellow Vests, Paris

There is always a protest in Paris. Many times while I was in capital something stopped because of industrial action. Protesting is a part of the culture, a counter balance to the power structure. 

The Yellow Vest protest in Paris and throughout France is movement against a new gas tax from Macron.  I stood in the centre of it at the Concorde.  Today, the protest took a turn to the aggressive side with police using water canons on demonstrators.  

Do I agree with the movement? I think the President could use more humility and less ambition. A former banker who believes in what type of economic model.  Not so hard to figure out.  Like President Trump, Macron is learning governing is more than a slogan and an expensive haircut and make up bill.  Power is seductive but comes at a cost.  Will he have a second term?  Based on his sinking poll numbers with growing unpopularity, he is a transitional leader at best.