Coming Soon: Visual Stunner

When I read “It” director Andy Muschietti was attached to direct a big screen version of Hajime Isayame’s “Attack on Titan”, I was curious. As a fan of anime. I knew about the Japanese comic but was not so familiar with background and story. I decided to watch a dubbed episode of the series that turned into a binge watching all 3 seasons. I watched the dubbed titled Japanese film, only once. I liked some of the visual effects.

As a movie film series I think Titan” could be the most visually striking work since “Lord of the Rings.” Bringing a media franchise like this to the screen with a big Hollywood budget could be groundbreaking. A story of mankind driven to the brink of extinction by giant malformed humanoids preying on human beings. The San Diego Comic-Con trailer session could have attendees swooning.

Eren, at times, a hyper active annoyance, is the main protagonist living in town of Shinganshina behind Wall Maria, one of three 50 meter protective barriers used for preventing titan attacks. After an attack on the wall by Armor Titan, the gate is breached, allowing entering titans to feed on the local population. Defense of the realm is entrusted to a squad of soldiers known as Survey Corps armed with swords and grappling equipment enabling them to move, almost fly, from trees, buildings, and engage titans.

If all this sounds insane, it is, the premise has a number of contemporary messages involving: environment, military, and social inequality. But like many anime, Attack on Titan suffers from the stock cut out characters which I hope the film version will avoid; The hysterical, over the top female who screeches, the know it all, but weaker sidekick, and the hyper active hero who charges into battle without thinking.

I am excited, but cautious. Americans making turning anime to the big screen does not have a great track record. “Akira” has been in development hell for decades. “Ghost in the Shell” was empty. “Speed Racer”,  anymore questions! I am in your corner Andy, waiting for the first of your two films.