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  • The Future Talks To Today

    The Future Talks To Today

    Short listed for the 2023 Oscar, ALMOST HOME is a the present day topical sci-fi short film from Nils Keller explores decisions and relationships in the future on spaceship. A interview with director Nils Keller. A very today reference set in the future, how did you develop this storyline? The idea for ALMOST HOME was […]

  • The Futurist Filmmaker

    The Futurist Filmmaker

    Filmmaker Alton Glass could have gone the easy way to make his film POV:Points of View, but decided to push filmmaking technology to a new realm. For some, the future will have the same choices as the present and past. The interview with Mr. Glass. Are you a futurist/technologist? I enjoy both but I’m just […]

  • Star Wars on the Rocks!

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. Those words, etched in my memory from the first time I saw Star Wars A New Hope. Certain films mark my childhood. Luke, Leia, and Han have been a part of my life since 1977. The world Lucas created of simple good against evil is […]

  • Coming Soon: Visual Stunner

    When I read “It” director Andy Muschietti was attached to direct a big screen version of Hajime Isayame’s “Attack on Titan”, I was curious. As a fan of anime. I knew about the Japanese comic but was not so familiar with background and story. I decided to watch a dubbed episode of the series that […]