You Don’t Matter! Shock!

The Coronavirus outbreak has knocked the world into a new uncertainty. An event that has become a universal reference point. Make no mistake, reality will be a different place once this over. The things we consider important. Values have shifted. The “All About Me Culture” suddenly feels petty. Who cares about a daily selfie? Curated threads laced with freebies, in the scheme of things, not relevant. 


Narcism got old fast. Get over yourself!  

Even Kim Kardashian could not believe she was not the center of the world with her antics. No one bothered to tell her the human race is hurdling towards the brink of ending. The world is shutting down. Suddenly her reality show family gets knocked off the top headlines. How sad a person could not put aside their fame driven ego to perhaps focus on a greater issue.

Medical teams are on the front lines. Grocer stockers making sure shelves are full to keep society functioning. These people matter.  A Kardashian leaking a tape from years ago reeks of “I need attention”. A tacky publicity stunt. The shocking part, it got coverage in media outlets and  trended on Twitter.  HUH! Calling photographers, alerting them to where and when you will enter and exit is so 2019.  I am not event going to go into Madonna’s bathtub  video. Just some advice: Seek Help!

What? It’s Not About ME!  

The other phenomenas: Crying about an unfair world. Rules do not apply to me. Tell that to Corvid 19. “Corna Parties” became fashionable for a few days during the crisis. There were a few in my area park. Raising the middle finger to a pandemic.  Because the virus is for old people. Anyone under 35 is exempt from the plague. “It doesn’t affect the young”.   All about ME! ME! ME! Mother Nature has no favourites. She has forced us to reconsider everything we hold dear. Cuddling, coddling thin skinned handling has mercifully ended. For Gen Z’s and Millennials, mommy cannot kiss it to make it better. No amount of being plugged in social media whining will take society back to before Covid-19. Just Deal With! Planet Earth is a scary place that can devour all of us.