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  • What are the answers?

    A few questions to ask. Today it is hard to answer because of media overload and desperate attention seeking. What is ELEGANCE in 2024? Why does modern style lack NUANCE? Has glamour become a CIRCUS? Is fashion inspiring or SILLY? What’s the definition of Celebrity OVEREXPOSURE?

  • Thierry 2022

    Legendary fashion designer Theirry Mugler passed. A visionary known for the cinched waist, broad shoulders and theatrics, Mugler was never boring. As a child of the 90’s, I remember his designs on celebrities and in music videos including George Michael’s “Too Funky”. For those who grew up in the social media era, Kim Kardashian’s 2019 […]

  • Chat Cinema on Keanu

    We decided to profile Mr. Reeves for the first performer profile. Why? We like his movies. After 35 years in the business, he continues to be relevant. 

  • Chat Cinema Profile

    The next Chat Cinema Podcast takes a turn.  We dedicated this episode to profile an actor.   Stay Tuned.

  • You Don’t Matter! Shock!

    The Coronavirus outbreak has knocked the world into a new uncertainty. An event that has become a universal reference point. Make no mistake, reality will be a different place once this over. The things we consider important. Values have shifted. The “All About Me Culture” suddenly feels petty. Who cares about a daily selfie? Curated threads […]

  • Famous, Why?

    I recently had a conversation with a record company press relations head. We talked about his artists rosters. Many I did not know, but I am over the hill.  As the conversation continued I said, “Today, everyone is famous. Either a celebrity, reality show, Instagrammer, YouTuber, 5000 channels, 10.000 programs, and whatever else. All you […]

  • Styling Cannes

    The first chance for a styling to came to us via Lea Mornar. The Berlin based actress was preparing the ultimate film festival, Cannes. The South of France takes it up 4 notches in Spring. The entire film world descends on the Rivera for fun, sun, and the Red Carpet.  The Look The mission undertaken, […]

  • CAMP!

    The Met Gala for 2019 took place on Monday. The annual event has evolved into an A list media fashion event in New York City. This years theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion” from an essay by Susan Sonntag seemed broad for interpretation. Co-Chairs Harry Styles and Lady Gaga approached the benefit from Gender and theater. […]

  • Berlinale 2019 Preview

    Berlinale 2019 Preview

    The 69thBerlinale is shaping up. French Academy Award winning actress Juliette Binoche heads the festival jury starting February 7th2019.  Danish director Lone Scherfigs “The Kindness of Strangers” opens the winter cinema event. According to the press film’s release,  the ensemble work stars Zoe Kazan and Bill Nighy as a group living in New York. Lone, […]

  • From Berlinale: Michaela Coel

    A Future Star With Personality London born actress Actress Michaela Coel is effervescent.  When it came to chatting during press interviews at the Berlinale for the European Film Promotion program,  Shooting Stars, she exploded with energy.  Admitting  to not having filters, a character trait since childhood, her confidence glowed during the round table press chats.   A […]