Styling Cannes

The first chance for a styling to came to us via Lea Mornar. The Berlin based actress was preparing the ultimate film festival, Cannes. The South of France takes it up 4 notches in Spring. The entire film world descends on the Rivera for fun, sun, and the Red Carpet. 

The Look

The mission undertaken, get Ms. Mornar noticed both on and off the carpet. Starting with the daywear we needed a complete style representing casual, elegant, and professional for the 10 days. Taking meetings or a stroll on the promenade, visual character had to speak for itself. Italian luxury brand Cividini supplied key looks perfect for La Croisette. Light, rich fabrics that breezy with designs that are sophisticated. We wanted people to notice the details. The striped suit and white blouse became her signature look immediately. Fellow attendees responded immediately to the looks commenting, “the best dressed” to “loving the style”.

May 19th 2019 @ Cannes Film Festival © Huw Jennings 2019

Accessories, easy, Spring on the Mediterranean means, sunglasses. Not just one would do but a selection. Having a cafe at a meeting industry spot or interviewing on a yacht, the perfect pair of specs. Sunglasses can convey the dramatic, color, or hip. The brands used: Izipizi and Etnia Barcelona.

The Walk 

The Cannes Red Carpet walk can make a career. As one of the Big 3 Red Carpet Events, an image goes around the world in a matter of seconds. Photographers line both sides and above the walk to the Palais. The competition is fierce. A Hadid in the rear or standing beside a Dior Couture. The dress has to impress. The walker has 2 minutes. Given this level of importance, I enlisted some help.
Patrick Pham 

I called Mephistopheles Productions. The studio collaborates with different Couture Brands in Paris. Feathers, embroidery, and flowing sheer gowns, materials of spectacles.

The design credentials of Patrick Pham and Ziad Nakad served Lea well. The flash and cameras clicked. We have made several global best dressed lists.