W Hotel Opera in Paris Conversation with Insider Johanna

If you need to be in the know while visiting Paris there is no better person to ask than Johanna from the W Hotel.  After hours shopping,  dinner on a roof top with a view of the city, or a private garden tour, she will make it happen.

Johanna W Insider Paris Opera

Johanna W Hotel Insider

What makes Paris a special city?

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Everybody wants to come to Paris to discover its special atmosphere. There is always something to do, to see, to discover, it does not matter the season. I love all the cliché things that make Paris on the most visited cities in the world. The old bistros, the small cobbled streets making you feel like you are in a village, the fresh markets, and the different architectural styles. And of course Paris is the fashion capital. The way people dress.   A person can never get enough of this city.

Can you name your favorite eating spot?

I am wine lover, so Les Climats. It is a French restaurant established in an old house built by a woman who worked in a post office in Paris. I love the décor, the service and food. They only have wine from Burgundy.   Les Climats just got a Michelin Star but it is still affordable.

The W Hotel has Coquette, a good place to have lunch or dinner in a friendly way.   The whole menu is made in a health way. I really love the veggie burger with its pumpkin seeds bun and its mushroom steak. All the desserts are wonderful too!

Why do guests like the W hotel in Paris?

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Guests come here because they like the design and atmosphere. We are in a historical building so we mixed the modern with the classic. As well, we are in central Paris, next to the famous department stores and across from the Opera House. The views from the rooms are great!
The hotel makes every guest feel like they are home. We have a Whenever/Where ever team. It means you ask for whatever you want, whenever you want and we will do our best to get it or arrange it.

Describe the shopping experience?

It depends on what the guest is looking for it. If we have a client who is an absolute fan of shoes I can provide exclusive access to the Louboutin store. The guest will have VIP access, a private room, a stylist to help with all they want.

What would you do if you were a tourist in Paris?

I would visit the Opera Garnier, a great monument. I would explore. There are many hidden gardens, roof tops, passages, and ornate door entrances.

The W Hotel is located in the center of Paris across from the Opera.

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