Trends 2024

2023 closes. Hello 2024. What do I see as fashion trends in this volatile world?

The influencer movement has come under more scrutiny. The Ferragani Scandal in Italy, a loss of trust by followers. Finally, the increasing AI models used by brands and companies mean a reckoning could be on the horizon for this outreach strategy.

As luxury labels struggle attracting stressed buyers, expect a retreat in many areas. The creative head musical chairs will continue as brands move from conspicuous to quiet style.

Fashion magazines, once trendsetting curators, will continue their free fall still unable to adjust in the digital platform age. Has anyone bought Vogue’s Christmas Issue? Certainly there will be layoffs at publishing houses.

The retail scene is not going to escape, expect less physical stores while the online sites recalibrate. Shoppers should expect return and restocking fees for items sent back as online shops are no longer able to absorb shipping costs.

The Chinese apps grabbed the fast fashion baton and are racing around the fashion track. Temu and Shein have adjusted business models for young buyers to lust for a 1.99 t-shirt.

Sustainability gets the feel good headlines, but has yet to make a real industry economic impact. Big companies will continue practicing greenwashing paying lip service with peppered eco-slogans here and there in ads, but I suspect cash strapped consumers are not in the mood for paying more for better or helping the planet.

Always remember this in 2024: Fashion is cheap. One cannot buy style.