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  • ITB Inspired 2023

    ITB Inspired 2023

    A recap and inspiration for places to go in 2023 from ITB Berlin.

  • Salerno On Tap

    More to come on the undedapprecicated Amalfi city. I had a two day then loved the coastal resort.

  • Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    On a visit to South Italy, a visit to the once grand city of Pompeii is a must Stay tuned for the full story.

  • Wine Country Franconia

    Wine Country Franconia

    A staycation this Easter 21, a trip to Wine country Germany. No tasting this year but we managed to get a picnic with some great landscape views.

  • Prague, The Over Toured, The Good.

    The first time I visited Prague in 1997, it was a city still waking up from years of Communist rule. I managed to cross The Charles Bridge many times both day and night. Walking up to the Prague Castle to get pictures standing overlooking the River was easy. My first day I met locals who showed me […]

  • Travel 2019 Trends

    Travel 2019 Trends

    Overtourism  After attending the ITB Travel Fair 2019, I learned the travel field continues to grow.  More want to get away, however,  questions are being asked of the effects.  “Overtourism” is becoming common. As a result, Many cities have become overwhelmed by holiday makers. Town centers have been abandoned for tourist.  Barcelona, Venice, and Prague […]