Month: October 2019



    I love saying the name PUCCI! It conjures the glamour and expressive color of the 1960’s. Optimism ruled. The sense of tomorrow will be brighter day. At Milan Fashion Week I stepped in to see what was new for Fall 2019. Prints and shaped colors continue to the unique aesthetic of the brand born in Florence […]

  • Sergio Rossi

    I attended the Sergio Rossi presentation during Milan Fashion Week.  For  Fall 2019 the Italian shoe label went for statement footwear.  Knee high boots and red pumps formed part of the collection.   

  • Famous, Why?

    I recently had a conversation with a record company press relations head. We talked about his artists rosters. Many I did not know, but I am over the hill.  As the conversation continued I said, “Today, everyone is famous. Either a celebrity, reality show, Instagrammer, YouTuber, 5000 channels, 10.000 programs, and whatever else. All you […]

  • A Female Voice

    At IFA 2019, I met Tamy Ribeiro at the Shift Automotive Conference. Tamy spoke on the subject of the changing automotive field. New technologies have risen challenging the classic models of transportation. As an expert on topics and trends shaping mobility today and in the future, her opinion is valued in an ever changing industry.  […]

  • Men Have 2

    In nature, Sexual Cannibalism involves the female devouring male during or after mating. Why many species gleefully go their death is a great mystery. The highest species on Earth is a bit the same. Why do men risk it all for moment of pleasure and a few ounces of fluid? Love for a moment is […]

  • Scorsese on MCU

    The battle over the state of  modern cinema took a funny twist recently. Director Martin Scorsese weighed in by saying Marvel Cinematic Universe is not cinema. The backlash was swift. Do not attack a cultural movement. Martin, like so many others in Hollywood, has been left wondering what is his place in the new franchise […]

  • A New Concept

    A New Concept

    As the shopping experience changes, so must retail reinvent itself to stay relevant. On a recent visit to Paris I decided to pay a visit to the new Galeries Lafayette on Champs Elysee. The great boulevard’s stores have changed. In the 90’s this former Virgin Records Super Store offered every genre of music. I discovered […]

  • Get Over Yourself

    There was a “protest” at the last Paris Fashion Week. Marie Benoliel crashed the stage. The YouTuber confronted Hadid at the Grand Palais. The stunt was boring. Her excuse: “Fashion makes people unhappy”. Get over yourself Marie! Fashion makes me happy. If I were unhappy with the state of it I would not protest on […]

  • Prague, The Over Toured, The Good.

    The first time I visited Prague in 1997, it was a city still waking up from years of Communist rule. I managed to cross The Charles Bridge many times both day and night. Walking up to the Prague Castle to get pictures standing overlooking the River was easy. My first day I met locals who showed me […]

  • Prague, Just Look Up!

    Prague is a walking city. Along the shores of the Vltava River, the Czech Capital buildings go from Dark Gothic to Minimal Modernist to Ornate Art Nouveau.   While I did not recognize a masterplan.  Admittedly, I am a laymen when it comes to architecture, the eclectic harmony is visually pleasing.   On every street, […]