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  • Chat Cinema talks Personal Music & Emotions

    Chat Cinema talks Personal Music & Emotions

    This episode of Chat Cinema talks to Danish multi-hyphenate Nicolaj Kopernikus about his work “Stenofonen”. The actor, director and writer explains his inspiration for a making a film based on a family story. Stenofonen has been short listed for Oscar in the Best Short Fiction Film category.

  • Chat Cinema Awards Season

    Stay tuned for our podcasts with award winning directors on their works.

  • Belarus on the VERGE

    Belarus on the VERGE

    Reading the headline about the Ryanair flight intercepted to Belarus, a story straight from a Cold War novel, suddenly the world was back in an East versus West game of high stakes chest. President Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for almost 3 decades with no signs of exiting the stage. After the the 2020 […]