Month: July 2021

  • Jabra gives Sound

    Jabra gives Sound

    I started using my Jabra 75T ear buds at the gym. My initial verdict. YES! Stay Tuned for the full review.

  • Missing Out, WHY?

    I haven’t forgotten Men Reloaded Podcast. New episodes are in the making. After a conversation about heterosexual hook up app with a female friend. Talk about a ritual to meet a member of the opposite sex. I got inspired. Are straight guys missing out? From one view point, “yes”. If only they knew. Stay tuned […]

  • Elena talks to Chat Cinema

    Elena talks to Chat Cinema

    Lithuania actress Zygimante Elena Jakstaite talks about being a part of the EFP Shooting Stars program. ″Elena proves a force of nature, full of passion and raw energy that virtually leaps off the screen”, a quote from the casting panel. Click Below to see the interview.

  • CSD Berlin 2021

    CSD Berlin 2021

    A strange Christopher Street Day Berlin for 2021. How do you celebrate a festival during Covid?

  • Going for Colmar

    Going for Colmar

    SPONSORED We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Colmar for working with us on our podcast and on Outerwear editorial. It is always a pleasure. The Italian brand’s premium pieces should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Checkout Colmar looks online.

  • Belarus on the VERGE

    Belarus on the VERGE

    Reading the headline about the Ryanair flight intercepted to Belarus, a story straight from a Cold War novel, suddenly the world was back in an East versus West game of high stakes chest. President Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for almost 3 decades with no signs of exiting the stage. After the the 2020 […]

  • A Day on Rugen

    A Day on Rugen

  • Gothic Style Worship  Straslund

    Gothic Style Worship Straslund

    Built around 1298 or before, St. Mary’s Church is an impressive Gothic Style place of worship located in Straslund.

  • Couture 2

    Couture 2

    Two Two shows that impressed me this Couture Season, Fashion House Balenciaga returned to Couture stage this season after 53 years. Hard shoes to fill, Cristobal is revered in the fashion world. Creative head Demna Gvasalia had his hands full. The expectations of failure came to my mind. Happily, “disappointed” because Demma step up the […]

  • The Futurist Filmmaker

    The Futurist Filmmaker

    Filmmaker Alton Glass could have gone the easy way to make his film POV:Points of View, but decided to push filmmaking technology to a new realm. For some, the future will have the same choices as the present and past. The interview with Mr. Glass. Are you a futurist/technologist? I enjoy both but I’m just […]